We love what we do. It’s our profession and our passion. We’re a purposefully and thoughtfully small business, because we want the luxury of throwing ourselves completely into each and every project.


Premium materials

BCD homes have a grounded feeling. Even though it’s brand new, you’ll feel as though your new house has been there for years. We use quality materials and building techniques for premium, enduring results.

Neighborhood integrity

Maintaining a neighborhood’s integrity is of the utmost important to us. We know the cities we work in: their nuances, their feel and their people. Along with the needs of your family, we consider the needs of your community.

On your schedule

We know building a home isn’t a 9–5 job. We tailor our schedules to modern families with busy lives. From the moment you decide to work with BCD, we’re on call. And we’ll never make you come to us; we’ll come to you.